Creative Pals Network: your one-stop source for online educational solutions and innovative staffing services!

Creative Pals Network, LLC (CPN) is a family service agency devoted to providing a comprehensive network of digital educational products, online tutoring services, and home-school instruction assistance for all families according to their unique needs and schedules.

Attempting to find educational solutions that are reliable, appropriate, and accommodating can be stressful and time-consuming for parents. Our goal is to make the process more practical and efficient to give families a greater peace of mind.

The mission of Creative Pals Network, LLC (CPN) is to inspire individuals to imagine, explore, and create while providing online educational solutions and innovation staffing services for families.

The Core Values of Creative Pals Network includes the following:

  • Customer Service: To excel in offering superior service and support to all.
  • Excellence: To give high quality service and excellence in everything that we do.
  • Innovation: To innovate within every area from products to processes in keeping with the theme of imagine, explore, and create.
  • Organization: To establish and maintain order in conducting business with relentless professionalism.
  • Empowerment: To empower both internal and external constituents to reach their greatest potential.
  • Team Spirit: To cultivate and preserve an atmosphere of mutual support enabling everyone to work well together at all times.
  • Reception: To create warm and welcoming experiences for everyone.
  • Recognition: To celebrate the service and accomplishments of all.